LP-22-2022 (What can make towing dangerous) 28/12/2022
LP-21-2022 (PSC Focus on Fire Safety) 20/11/2022
LP-20-2022 (What to do about Being Hacked & Safe Browsing) 25/10/2022
LP-19-2022 (A guide for Concentrated Inspection Campaign on STCW) 19/10/2022
LP-18-2022(Importance of abiding by the Drug Alcohol Policy) 08/09/2022
LP-17-2022- (Avoiding Normalization of Risk) 20/07/2022
LP-16-2022- (A Guide for Inspection Campaigns on Hours of Work and Rest) 20/06/2022
LP-15-2022- Issuing bills at the discharge port Associated Risks 20/05/2022
LP-14-2022- (Tanker Cargo Shortage Claims & Stepwise Approach to Problems) 24/04/2022
LP-13-2022- An Analysis of the High Rate of Personal Injuries 04/01/2022
LP-12-2022- Important Reminders about Container carriage onboard 03/01/2022
LP-11-2021- Ship To Ship transfer safety 05/18/2021
LP-10-2021- Shipboard fuel treatment and Bunker related disputes 03/15/2021
LP-09-2021- Damage to Submarine Cables Caused by Anchors) 02/14/2021
LP-08-2020- Bunker Supplies & Important Contemplations) 12/30/2020
LP-07-2020- Navigation Assessment, Requirements & Know-how 12/15/2020
LP-06-2020 (Risk Management Framework on COVID-19) 11/01/2020
LP-05-2020- IACS Recommendation on Cyber Resilience 10/19/2020
LP-04-2020-Problems with the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment… 10/19/2020
LP-03-2020- (Ten Important Points for Keeping a Proper Look-Out) 10/04/2020
LP-02-2020- (A Glimpse on Common Causes of Injuries on Board) KISHPNI 09/20/2020
LP-01-2020- Loss Prevention Circular KISHPNI 09/20/2020
KPI-LP-03-2020(Status of the case as of 11.03.2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak and Recent Practices at Turk ish ports) 03/12/2020
KPI-LP-02-2020(Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak and Recent Practices at Turkish ports) 03/10/2020
KPI-LP-01-2020(Undeclared Bunker Cases at Turkish Ports) 03/10/2020
KPI-LP-177-2015(Dealing with diabetic persons prior joining) 06/15/2015
KPI-LP-176-2015(Advice on Practices during STS Operations) 03/10/2015
KPI-LP-175-2014(IMSBC Amendments Coming Into Force) 11/12/2014
KPI-LP-174-2014(Freefall Non-Compliance Hazard)  10/15/2014
KPI-LP-173-2014(Notice Of Readiness & Free Pratique) 10/14/2014
KPI-LP-172-2014(Warning issued Concerning Cappuccino Bunkers) 10/06/2014
KPI-LP-171-2014(Warning Concerning Korean coast fish and aquaculture nets) 09/24/2014
KPI-LP-170-2014(The dangers of issuing clean bills of lading-Retla Rust Clauses) 09/15/2014
KPI-LP-169-2014 (Bulk liquid cargo shortage claim) 07/28/2014
KPI-LP-168-2014(Not Wearing Lifejacket nor A Lifeline; Ending Up Dead) 07/08/2014
KPI-LP-167-2014(Possibility of engine damage due to catalytic fines) 06/17/2014
KPI-LP-166-2014(Guidelines concerning Prohibition of the blending of bulk liquid cargoes and production processes during sea voyages 05/11/2014
KPI-LP-165-2014(An Incident Concerning Giving Way & Lessons Learn) 04/27/2014
KPI-LP-164-2014(Warning about West Africa – Ebola Virus (APRIL-2014)) 04/22/2014
KPI-LP-163-2014(Use of Mobile Phones & Risks involved) 04/10/2014
KPI-LP-162-2014(Ten Aspects to Remember about the use of ECDIS) 04/10/2014
KPI-LP-161-2014(A Dozen Notes on Implementing Safety Culture) 04/06/2014
KPI-LP-160-2014(Familiarization with the ECDIS & the Required Workmanship) 03/27/2014
KPI-LP-159-2014(Risky Crossing of Traffic Separation Scheme & Lessons to be Learn) 03/27/2014
KPI-LP-158-2014(Old Lessons & Engine Room Fires) 03/23/2014
KPI-LP-157-2014(Back-Ache; A Major Ship-Board Problem) 03/18/2014
KPI-LP-156-2014(Reliance on ECDIS leading to an Accident & Lessons to Learn) 03/18/2014
KPI-LP-155-2014(Understanding Implications concerning Safe Ports & Berths) 03/13/2014
KPI-LP-154-2014(Top tips by EXXONMOBIL for Marine Fuel Purchasing) 02/20/2014
KPI-LP-153-2014(Ten Points on Importance of Positions in Navigation) 02/20/2014
KPI-LP-152-2014(Ineffective BRM & Lack of Communication Led to Collision) 02/20/2014
KPI-LP-151-2014(Malaria is still an Infectious Disease Amongst Seafarers) 02/03/2014
KPI-LP-150-2014(Incinerator Door Caused Injury) 02/03/2014
KPI-LP-149-2014(Safety Alert concerning Dangers existent during Sampling of Cargo tanks) 01/21/2014
KPI-LP-148-2014(Prohibition of Blending and Production Processes During Sea Voyages) 01/20/2014
KPI-LP-147-2013(Importance of Manufacturers’ Technical Service Letters) 01/20/2014
Iranian Notice to Mariners 1-2014 01/11/2014
KPI-LP-146-2013(Unauthorised Modifications Of Navigation Lights) 01/02/2014
KPI-LP-145-2013(Importance of POSITIONS in Safety Of Navigation) 01/02/2014
KPI-LP-144-2013(A Bridge Too Close) 12/25/2013
KPI-LP-143-2013(Risks involved with the Fixed CO2 System Operating Controls) 12/25/2013
KPI-LP-142-2013(Inadequate Securing & Loss of Anchor) 12/21/2013
KPI-LP-141-2013(Mooring Accident While at SBM & Lessons to be Learnt) 12/21/2013
KPI-LP-140-2013(Notes On Entry Into Enclosed Spaces) 12/18/2013
KPI-LP-139-2013(A Guideline for On-Board Complaint Procedures as required by MLC) 12/18/2013
KPI-LP-138-2013(Accident due to Corroded Wire-rope) 12/18/2013
KPI-LP-137-2013(Ergonomics & Mooring Winch Operation) 12/18/2013
KPI-LP-136-2013(Near Future Security training Requirements) 11/04/2013
KPI-LP-135-2013(Weather Terminology Causes Confusion) 11/04/2013
KPI-LP-134-2013(Position Verification & Understanding the Situation) 11/04/2013
KPI-LP-133-2013(Ten Points for an Effective Passage Planning) 10/20/2013
KPI-LP-132-2013(Implications of burning inappropriate fuels in EU ports) 10/20/2013
KPI-LP-131-2013(A Pilot Ladder Accident & Lessons Learnt) 10/16/2013
KPI-LP-130-2013(An STS Operation Accident & Lessons Learnt) 10/16/2013
KPI-LP-129-2013(Trusting the Data Available in a Passage Planning)  10/16/2013
KPI-LP-128-2013(A reminder about the Replacement of Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems) 08/18/2013
KPI-LP-127-2013(Another Reason for Less Speed in Heavy Weather)  08/18/2013
KPI-LP-126-2013(Accident caused by Off-centre Steering Position) 08/18/2013
KPI-LP-125-2013(Air Reservoir Drainage Operation Causing Fatality)    08/03/2013
KPI-LP-124-2013(A Kick-back from the Emergency Air Compressor & Lessons to be Learnt) 08/03/2013
KPI-LP-123-2013(Anti- Piracy Poster by ReCAAP ISC & BIMCO) 08/03/2013
KPI-LP-122-2013(Poor Passage Planning & Pollution Due to Grounding) 08/03/2013
KPI-LP-121-2013(Risks involved with Dropping of an Anchor Underway) 08/03/2013
KPI-LP-120-2013(A Steering Failure & Lessons to be Learnt) 08/03/2013
KPI-LP-119-2013(Seven Principles of Insurance in Common Concept) 07/15/2013
KPI-LP-118-2013(An Update on Ballast Water Management 2004 Convention)  07/15/2013
KPI-LP-117-2013(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Corona virus) – Worldwide) 07/13/2013
KPI-LP-116-2013(Contamination of Marine Boilers by Oil) 07/02/2013
KPI-LP-115-2013(Improving Chances of Survival when Abandoning Ship) 06/27/2013
KPI-LP-114-2013(Summing Up MLC requirements & A Simplified Check-List) 06/27/2013
KPI-LP-113-2013(Length of means of embarkation for remotely located survival craft) 06/18/2013
KPI-LP-112-2013(Counterfeit Fire Extinguishers) 06/18/2013
KPI-LP-111-2013(Counterfeit GMDSS Batteries)    06/18/2013
KPI-LP-110-2013(Maximum Fuel Sulphur content update) 06/17/2013
KPI-LP-109-2013(Safety Leadership) 06/17/2013
KPI-LP-108-2013(Update on MLC & Financial Security Requirements) 06/02/2013
KPI-LP-107-2013(A Cargo Overflow incident & Lessons to be Learnt) Mine 05/22/2013
KPI-LP-106-2013(Problem of Power Surge Protectors on board ships) 05/13/2013
KPI-LP-105-2013(Water Mist Systems) 05/13/2013
KPI-LP-104-2013(Spillage Fines in Saqr port of Ras-al-Khaimah) 05/12/2013
KPI-LP-103-2013(Battery Damage due to Charger Failure Lessons to be Learnt) 05/12/2013
KPI-LP-102-2013(Improperly moored bunker vessels) 04/22/2013
KPI-LP-101-2013(Precautions concerning Transferring Personnel with Cranes) 04/22/2013
KPI-LP-100-2013(Precautions concerning Anchoring off Chittagong Port in Bangladesh) 04/22/2013
KPI-LP-99-2013(Indian Charts to be onboard ships bound for Gujarat Coast) 04/22/2013
KPI-LP-90-2013(Twenty Factors to consider for efficient operation of Oily Water Separators) 04/22/2013
KPI-LP-98-2013(Measures to Minimise the Losses in case of Tanker Cargo Contamination) 04/06/2013
KPI-LP-97-2013(Remote Control can lead to Loss of Control in Lifeboat Drills) 04/06/2013
KPI-LP-96-2013(Fouling a Buoy after Loss of Propulsion) 04/06/2013
KPI-LP-95-2013(Windlass damage when weighing anchor) 04/05/2013
KPI-LP-94-2013(VLCC colliding with Jack-up barge) 04/03/2013
KPI-LP-93-2013(Radar versus Reality) 04/03/2013
KPI-LP-92-2013(An Anchor Dragging Incident & Lessons to be Learnt) 04/03/2013
KPI-LP-91-2013(Revised Turkish Pollution Fines for year 2013) 04/02/2013
KPI-LP-89-2013(Injury due to unintended release of Senhouse Slip) 03/12/2013
KPI-LP-88-2013(Leaking Hydraulic Oil & Fire in Engine Room)  03/12/2013
KPI-LP-87-2013(Engine Room Fires are the main cause of most fires on board) 03/12/2013
KPI-LP-86-2013(PSC inspections & Fuel Oil Quick Closing Valves) 03/12/2013
KPI-LP-85-2013(Possibility of Huge Claims on Coral Reef Damage in Egypt) 03/12/2013
KPI-LP-84-2013(Avoiding Cargo Contamination on Tankers) 02/25/2013
KPI-LP-83-2013(Marine fuels & Hydrogen Sulphide hazards) 02/24/2013
KPI-LP-82-2013(An Unberthing Accident & Lessons to be Learnt) 02/23/2013
KPI-LP-81-2013(Maritime Pollution & Contingency Planning) 02/22/2013
KPI-LP-80-2013( Maritime Pollution Claims Management Guide) 02/21/2013
KPI-LP-79-2013(Passage Planning & lessons learnt from an incident) 02/20/2013
KPI-LP-78-2013(Watch-keeping errors causing collision) 02/18/2013
KPI-LP-77-2013(Falling overboard while preparing pilot ladder & lessons learnt) 02/18/2013
KPI-LP-76-2013(New Marpol Annex V & cargoes Harmful for Marine Environment) 02/18/2013
KPI-LP-75-2013(Anchoring in Unfavourable Weather)   01/13/2013
KPI-LP-74-2013(A Fatal Accident in a slop tank & Lessons to be Learnt) Mine 01/13/2013
KPI-LP-73-2013(Notes on the Importance of the Bill of Lading) 01/13/2013
KPI-LP-72-2013(Accidents related to Fuel Leakage & Oil-soaked rag fire and Lessons to be Learnt) 01/13/2013
KPI-LP-71-2013(Prevention of Losses due to Accidents involving Lifting Appliances) 01/13/2013
KPI-LP-70-2013(Points to Ponder concerning Voyage Data Recorders-VDR) 01/13/2013
KPI-LP-69-2013(Ships Getting Wild after Breaking Loose) 01/13/2013
KPI-LP-68-2013(MARS Jan-2013 Accidents & Lessons to be Learnt) 01/12/2013
KPI-LP-67-2013(Bunkering & Points to Ponder) 01/12/2013
KPI-LP-66-2013(Problems associated with Shipboard Watertight Doors) 01/12/2013
KPI-LP-65-2013(A mariner’s guide on Survival in Cold Water) 01/12/2013
KPI-LP-64-2013(Clarification of some confused legal terms) 01/12/2013
KPI-LP-63-2012(Precautions about the clearing of shore pipelines after cargo operation) 12/13/2012
KPI-LP-62-2012(Dangers involving Anchoring in Singapore area) 12/12/2012
KPI-LP-61-2012(Care & Preservation of Natural Fibre Rope Ladders) 12/11/2012
KPI-LP-60-2012(A Fatal Accident during Mooring & Lessons to be Learnt) 12/10/2012
KPI-LP-59-2012 Pollution Prevention matters & Petroleum Coke Cargoes 12/02/2012
KPI-LP-58-2012 An eye injury accident & Lessons to be Learnt 12/01/2012
KPI-LP-57-2012 Guidelines for Handling & Treatment of Fuels on board 11/30/2012
KPI-LP-56-2012 Guidelines for Implementation of SEEMP 11/29/2012
KPI-LP-55-2012 Possibility of Engine failures while changing over fuels 11/28/2012
KPI-LP-54-2012 Legal considerations concerning STS operations 11/28/2012
KPI-LP-53-2012 Ten pieces of Advice for Managers on Utilizing Soft-wares 11/27/2012
KPI-LP-52-2012 Correcting various conceptions about Tonnage Measurement of ships     11/26/2012
KPI-LP-51-2012 An accident while handling bunker hose & Lessons to be Learnt 11/25/2012
KPI-LP-50-2012 Sampled MARS Accident Reports & Lessons to be Learnt 11/24/2012
KPI-LP-49-2012 Alarming False Invoices 11/23/2012
KPI-LP-48-2012 Charterers & Liabilities 11/22/2012
KPI-LP-47-2012 A Collision South of Dungeness & Lessons to be Learnt 11/20/2012
KPI-LP-46-2012 Analysis of the Machinery Failure Cases  11/20/2012
KPI-LP-45-2012 Dealing with Collision Cases from P & I Perspective     10/23/2012
KPI-LP-44-2012 A Collision Accident prior Bunkering & Lessons to be Learnt 09/23/2012
KPI-LP-43-2012 What are the Accidents & How they Happen 09/23/2012
KPI-LP-42-2012_Mooring Accidents Analysis & Lessons to be Learnt 09/22/2012
KPI-LP-41-2012(Reiterating Points Concerning Ship To Ship Transfer Operations) 09/21/2012
KPI-LP-40-2012(An Accident with Disc Grinder & Lessons to be Learnt)  09/21/2012
KPI-LP-39-2012(Guidelines concerning Claims Arising from Property Loss or Damage) 09/21/2012
KPI-LP-38-2012 The Mariners Book of Wire Rope Knowhow 09/21/2012
KPI-LP-37-2012 Fish Farm Claims- China area Shandong and Lanshan 09/20/2012
KPI-LP-36-2012 Analysis of an Unsafe Operation in 09/19/2012
KPI-LP-35-2012 Rise in Claims; Seafarers Experience & Human Interface 09/18/2012
KPI-LP-34-2012_Scald_Injury_During_Maintenance 09/18/2012
KPI-LP-33-2012 Contact & Fender Damage during an  09/03/2012
KPI-LP-32-2012 Shipment of LNG 09/03/2012
KPI-LP-31-2012 Notes on Avoidance of Engine Room Fires 09/03/2012
KPI-LP-30-2012 IBC code Environmental+Special carriage control 09/01/2012
KPI-LP-29-2012_Loss of Anchors Limitations of the Associated Equipment 09/01/2012
KPI-LP-28-2012 Guidelines concerning Salvage Matters & SCOPIC 08/22/2012
KPI-LP-28-2012 SCOPIC-2011 08/22/2012
KPI-LP-28-2012 Lloyd’s Standard Salvage & Attribution Clauses (2011) 08/22/2012
KPI-LP-28-2012 Code of Practice Between ISU & IG concerning SCOPIC 08/22/2012
KPI-LP-27-2012 Summarized Guidelines concerning Oil Pollution Incidents 08/21/2012
KPI-LP-26-2012 Glancing Guidelines about Crew Claims 08/20/2012
KPI-LP-25-2012 MARS Sampled Accidents & Lessons To Be Learnt 08/19/2012
KPI-LP-24-2012 Hints to Avoid Claims concerning Tanker Cargo Shortage 08/11/2012
KPI-LP-23-2012_Oil Cargo Spill & Lessons to be Learnt 08/10/2012
KPI-LP-22-2012 Hints on Avoiding Bunker Claims 08/09/2012
KPI-LP-21-2012(Lessons on & Hints concerning Cargo Claims) 08/07/2012
KPI-LP-20-2012 CO2 Emissions Shipping 08/07/2012
KPI-LP-19-2012_Prevention of Chemical Products Contamination 08/06/2012
KPI-LP-18-2012 Precautions against Malaria Dengue 08/05/2012
KPI-LP-17-2012 Laying up Points to Ponder 08/02/2012
KPI-LP-16-2012 A Mooring Accident Lessons to be Learnt 08/01/2012
KPI-LP-15-2012 Ship Board Operations for Carriage of Liquefied Gases 08/01/2012
KPI-LP-14-2012 Safe Means of Embarkation Disembarkation from Ships 07/03/2012
KPI-LP-13-2012 Selected Spill Incidents Lessons to be Learnt 07/03/2012
KPI-LP-12-2012 LNG Basic Knowhow 06/30/2012
KPI-LP-11-2012 Health Hazards aboard Liquefied Gas Carriers   06/28/2012
KPI-LP-10-2012 Information about Principal Liquefied Gases 06/27/2012
KPI-LP-09-2012(General Guidelines about Liquefied Gas Cargoes) 06/25/2012
KPI-LP-08-2012 Karin Schepers grounding lessons to be learnt  06/19/2012
KPI-LP-07-2012 Guidelines concerning Management ISM-TMSA Issues   06/18/2012
KPI-LP-06-2012 Information leaflet for Nickel Ore & DRI Cargoes 06/18/2012
KPI-LP-05-2012 Stepwise Approach to Cargo Shortage Problems 06/08/2012
KPI-LP-04 Electric Kettle Fire  06/06/2012
KPI-LP-02-2012 05/27/2012
KPI-LP-03-2012 05/27/2012
KPI-LP-01-2012 01/05/2012