Kish P&I Introduction

Kish P&I Club is the first approved Mutual P&I Club of Islamic Republic of IRAN was founded by a group of Iranian Ship-owners on Kish Island which is located off the Persian Gulf. The Club Directors, who are from different fields of marine industry, have pooled their financial eligibility into a club to indemnify their liabilities within international and different ports’ jurisdictions or territorial waters. The Iranian shipping companies, which are participating in the formation of the Club, are among well- known carriers of wet and dry cargoes.The Club entry is available for ocean-going tankers and cargo ships of various sizes with acceptable loss records.The Club is capable of covering the ship-owners liabilities up to USD 1,000,000,000.Vision:Successful, ongoing and effective presence in domestic and international maritime Industry as a dynamic and leading Protection and Indemnity club.Mission:

To deliver superior service to our members, based on our Club values, extensive experience and expertise To respond to the members’ issues in a timely and cost-effective manner To strongly believe that achieving our goals mainly depends on human resource values as the key and management skills as the major tool to protect of our member’s benefit.

Club’s Values:

Expertise and team work

Effective communication

Prompt response

Loyalty and belief towards Club’s vision and mission

Management of change and profound decision making