Kish P&I Rule Book (Are available in PDF Format) has 4 core parts which consist of:

Part 1

The 56 main rules which are applicable to the raised claims, Rule 2 of KPI‘s rule book has been brought some definitions of applied terms in this field such as Additional call, certificate of entry, entry year, Members, supernumerary, terms of entry that studying them is very useful for any person or persons has intention to joint our club.

Part 2

11 Standard forms of letter of indemnity is provided to use by the members when required.

Part 3

Kish P&I club recommended clauses. These 27 clauses are optional and it’s better for our Members to apply them in contract of carriage because of their protecting natures.

Part 4

List of correspondents

Contact details of our representative in different ports all around the world which cooperate with us and coordinate required procedures and activities, Each of them has a detailed, practical knowledge of shipping regulations and practices in their local ports, and they can provide our Members and staff with direct support and advice and putting our member in a safe mood and peace of mind about submitting suitable services.

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