Mutual insurance means that the members of the club are its owners and share in its results with No Individual controlling interest and No share Holders. In basic terms, Protection and Indemnity insurance, or “P&I” as it is usually called, is a ship owner’s insurance cover for legal liabilities to third parties. No share Holders

Main Risks Covered by Kish P&I Club According to Riles book Version 2015/16.

•        Personal injury / illness / death

•        Collision

•        Wreck removal

•        Damage to fixed and floating objects

•        Pollution

•        Cargo damage/shortage

•        Fines

•        Stowaways

•        Other


Limit of Liability

The cover afforded by the Club is set out in Club Rules subject to any special terms which may be agreed which is reflected in the assured certificate of P&I insurance /Entry.

The Member/Assured is covered in respect of liabilities, costs or expenses incurred by him in his capacity as owner, operator or charterer of the entered ship and arising out of an incident which is a direct consequence of the operation of that ship.

The cover afforded by the Club shall not exceed the sum to which the Member would be entitled to limit his liability under applicable law on limitation of liability.

The Club may amend its Rules at any time during the period of insurance in order to avoid the Club becoming subject to any prohibition or adverse action by any State organization.