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Safety Alerts


Amended lifeboat requirement 06/30/2013
KPIMLCInformation NoticeMLCIN-December-2012 06/30/2013
Laytime Definitions for Charter Parties 2013 10/18/2012
List of Paris MoU deficiency codes 10-09-2013 10/17/2012
KPI Security Information Notice SeIN-Sept-2013(Piracy related Frequently Asked Questions) 10/15/2012
KPI MLC Information Notice MLCIN-August-2013(P I Entry as Evidence for Financial Security Required under MLC) 10/13/2012
IMO Circular letter No.3370(Garbage Record Book) 10/11/2012
ICS Guidance For Ship Operators On MLC & Port State Control 10/10/2012
Bunker Convention Status of States Parties - DOC 09/30/2012
KPI Security Information Notice SeIN-July-2013(IMB Piracy Report Q2-2013) 09/29/2012
KPI MLC Information Notice MLCIN-July-2013(MLC Advantages for all concerned) 
IMCA Mooring Practice (Off-shore when in ports) 09/27/2012
KPI Safety Information SaIN-July-2013(Life-Boat Safety Update) 09/26/2012
Man Diesel & Turbo Safety Alert NA and NR type turbochargers 09/25/2012
Fujairah Notice 172-amended 09/23/2012
Fujairah Notice 171 09/22/2012
Fujairah Notice 161 09/21/2012
KPI SeIN August-2012 09/20/2012
KPI Safety Information SaIN-August-2012 _Australian Fairways - NW Australia 09/15/2012
MLCIN June-2012 09/14/2012
Piracy Routeing Guide Tools 09/13/2012
KPI Safety Information SaIN-May-2013(Singapore MPA has issued a circular concerning TSS) 09/12/2012
ITOPF guide on Response to Marine Chemical Incidents 09/11/2012
Tokyo_inspection_Fire_Safety_Systems 09/10/2012
KPI_April_2013 08/31/2012
SaIN-no2-April-2013 08/30/2012
MLC Check-List Mine 08/30/2012


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Kish P&I Club has been formed by group of Iranian Owners at Southern Island of Kish which is situated in Persian Gulf. The Club directors who are from different fields of Marine industry have pooled their financial eligibility into a club which could indemnify their liabilities either within ...

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