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Safety Alerts


CIC on safety of navigation (Riyadh MOU) 09/16/2015
Rescue at Sea Guide (2015) 02/24/2015
Pollution fine of marine environment in Turkey-2015 02/18/2015
South African Maritime Safety Authority Notice (SM6-5-2-1) 10/23/2014
South African Maritime Safety Authority Notice (SM6-5-2-1) 10/23/2014
Huatai Circular PNI1402--Enhanced Quarantine Inspection at Chinese Ports for Vessels Arriving From Ebola Affected Countries  09/16/2014
CPA-minutes of meeting 09/15/2014
UAE Circular EHS-PM-03-14 07/07/2014
Dubai Cirrcular EHS-PM-02-14 07/07/2014
MEDITERRANEAN P&I Correspondents (Spanish administrative and sanctioning proceedings in a nutshell) 07/02/2014
Summary of BIMCO Guide on Safe Passage Through The Straits of Malacca & Singapore-2014 04/30/2014
Suez Canal Security Alert 03/30/2014
Real Life Accident
Lists of SPRO Consortia Agent 20140225 01/30/2014
Iranian Notice to Mariners 1-2014 01/10/2014
KPI Security Information Notice SeIN-Dec-2013(ReCAAP report for November 2013)  11/09/2013
Vessel Fine for Satellite Phone - India 11/07/2013
Huatai Circular PNI 1305 11/05/2013
Huatai Circular PNI 1304 concerning the Chinese Local Fishery Farms 11/04/2013
Conditions of use of Port for Sharjah 11/03/2013
Bandar Abbas - Shahid Rajaei port data 10/30/2013
SAQR PORT AUTHORITY Environmental violation tariff 2013 10/20/2013
KPI MLC Information Notice MLCIN-October-2013(Sample of Possible MLC Deficiencies) 10/19/2013
KPI Information Update IU-48-2013 - Guidelines on Capabilities of Emergency Response Services revised 2013 09/30/2013
KPI MLC Information Notice MLCIN-November-2013(Next Special Tripartite Committee (STC) meeting planned) 08/30/2013
Liquefaction & the Bulk Cargoes 07/30/2013
New RequirementsDate of entry into force-Oct 2013 06/30/2013
lists of SPRO Consortia Agent 28-April-2013 06/30/2013


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Kish P&I Club has been formed by group of Iranian Owners at Southern Island of Kish which is situated in Persian Gulf. The Club directors who are from different fields of Marine industry have pooled their financial eligibility into a club which could indemnify their liabilities either within ...

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