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Loss Prevention


KPI-LP-88-2013(Leaking Hydraulic Oil & Fire in Engine Room)  03/12/2013
KPI-LP-87-2013(Engine Room Fires are the main cause of most fires on board)   03/12/2013
KPI-LP-86-2013(PSC inspections & Fuel Oil Quick Closing Valves)   03/12/2013
KPI-LP-85-2013(Possibility of Huge Claims on Coral Reef Damage in Egypt)   03/12/2013
KPI-LP-84-2013(Avoiding Cargo Contamination on Tankers)    02/25/2013
KPI-LP-83-2013(Marine fuels & Hydrogen Sulphide hazards)    02/24/2013
KPI-LP-82-2013(An Unberthing Accident & Lessons to be Learnt)    02/23/2013
KPI-LP-81-2013(Maritime Pollution & Contingency Planning)    02/22/2013
KPI-LP-80-2013( Maritime Pollution Claims Management Guide)    02/21/2013
KPI-LP-79-2013(Passage Planning & lessons learnt from an incident)    02/20/2013
KPI-LP-78-2013(Watch-keeping errors causing collision)    02/18/2013
KPI-LP-77-2013(Falling overboard while preparing pilot ladder & lessons learnt)    02/18/2013
KPI-LP-76-2013(New Marpol Annex V & cargoes Harmful for Marine Environment)    02/18/2013
KPI-LP-75-2013(Anchoring in Unfavourable Weather)   01/13/2013
KPI-LP-74-2013(A Fatal Accident in a slop tank & Lessons to be Learnt) Mine   01/13/2013
KPI-LP-73-2013(Notes on the Importance of the Bill of Lading)   01/13/2013
KPI-LP-72-2013(Accidents related to Fuel Leakage & Oil-soaked rag fire and Lessons to be Learnt)   01/13/2013
KPI-LP-71-2013(Prevention of Losses due to Accidents involving Lifting Appliances)   01/13/2013
KPI-LP-70-2013(Points to Ponder concerning Voyage Data Recorders-VDR)   01/13/2013
KPI-LP-69-2013(Ships Getting Wild after Breaking Loose)   01/13/2013
KPI-LP-68-2013(MARS Jan-2013 Accidents & Lessons to be Learnt)   01/12/2013
KPI-LP-67-2013(Bunkering & Points to Ponder)   01/12/2013
KPI-LP-66-2013(Problems associated with Shipboard Watertight Doors)   01/12/2013
KPI-LP-65-2013(A mariner’s guide on Survival in Cold Water)   01/12/2013
KPI-LP-64-2013(Clarification of some confused legal terms)    01/12/2013
KPI-LP-63-2012(Precautions about the clearing of shore pipelines after cargo operation)     12/13/2012
KPI-LP-62-2012(Dangers involving Anchoring in Singapore area)     12/12/2012
KPI-LP-61-2012(Care & Preservation of Natural Fibre Rope Ladders)     12/11/2012
KPI-LP-60-2012(A Fatal Accident during Mooring & Lessons to be Learnt)     12/10/2012
KPI-LP-59-2012 Pollution Prevention matters & Petroleum Coke Cargoes     12/02/2012


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Kish P&I Club has been formed by group of Iranian Owners at Southern Island of Kish which is situated in Persian Gulf. The Club directors who are from different fields of Marine industry have pooled their financial eligibility into a club which could indemnify their liabilities either within ...

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