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KPI-LP-118-2013(An Update on Ballast Water Management 2004 Convention)   07/15/2013
KPI-LP-117-2013(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Corona virus) - Worldwide)   07/13/2013
KPI-LP-116-2013(Contamination of Marine Boilers by Oil)    07/02/2013
KPI-LP-115-2013(Improving Chances of Survival when Abandoning Ship)    06/27/2013
KPI-LP-114-2013(Summing Up MLC requirements & A Simplified Check-List)    06/27/2013
KPI-LP-113-2013(Length of means of embarkation for remotely located survival craft)    06/18/2013
KPI-LP-112-2013(Counterfeit Fire Extinguishers)    06/18/2013
KPI-LP-111-2013(Counterfeit GMDSS Batteries)    06/18/2013
KPI-LP-110-2013(Maximum Fuel Sulphur content update)    06/17/2013
KPI-LP-109-2013(Safety Leadership)    06/17/2013
KPI-LP-108-2013(Update on MLC & Financial Security Requirements)     06/02/2013
KPI-LP-107-2013(A Cargo Overflow incident & Lessons to be Learnt) Mine   05/22/2013
KPI-LP-106-2013(Problem of Power Surge Protectors on board ships)   05/13/2013
KPI-LP-105-2013(Water Mist Systems)   05/13/2013
KPI-LP-104-2013(Spillage Fines in Saqr port of Ras-al-Khaimah)   05/12/2013
KPI-LP-103-2013(Battery Damage due to Charger Failure Lessons to be Learnt)   05/12/2013
KPI-LP-102-2013(Improperly moored bunker vessels)   04/22/2013
KPI-LP-101-2013(Precautions concerning Transferring Personnel with Cranes)   04/22/2013
KPI-LP-100-2013(Precautions concerning Anchoring off Chittagong Port in Bangladesh)   04/22/2013
KPI-LP-99-2013(Indian Charts to be onboard ships bound for Gujarat Coast)   04/22/2013
KPI-LP-90-2013(Twenty Factors to consider for efficient operation of Oily Water Separators)   04/22/2013
KPI-LP-98-2013(Measures to Minimise the Losses in case of Tanker Cargo Contamination)     04/06/2013
KPI-LP-97-2013(Remote Control can lead to Loss of Control in Lifeboat Drills)     04/06/2013
KPI-LP-96-2013(Fouling a Buoy after Loss of Propulsion)     04/06/2013
KPI-LP-95-2013(Windlass damage when weighing anchor)     04/05/2013
KPI-LP-94-2013(VLCC colliding with Jack-up barge)    04/03/2013
KPI-LP-93-2013(Radar versus Reality)    04/03/2013
KPI-LP-92-2013(An Anchor Dragging Incident & Lessons to be Learnt)    04/03/2013
KPI-LP-91-2013(Revised Turkish Pollution Fines for year 2013)    04/02/2013
KPI-LP-89-2013(Injury due to unintended release of Senhouse Slip)   03/12/2013


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Kish P&I Club has been formed by group of Iranian Owners at Southern Island of Kish which is situated in Persian Gulf. The Club directors who are from different fields of Marine industry have pooled their financial eligibility into a club which could indemnify their liabilities either within ...

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