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KPI-LP-177-2015(Dealing with diabetic persons prior joining)    06/15/2015
KPI-LP-176-2015(Advice on Practices during STS Operations) 03/10/2015
KPI-LP-175-2014(IMSBC Amendments Coming Into Force)    11/12/2014
KPI-LP-174-2014(Freefall Non-Compliance Hazard)     10/15/2014
KPI-LP-173-2014(Notice Of Readiness & Free Pratique)    10/14/2014
KPI-LP-172-2014(Warning issued Concerning Cappuccino Bunkers)     10/06/2014
KPI-LP-171-2014(Warning Concerning Korean coast fish and aquaculture nets)   09/24/2014
KPI-LP-170-2014(The dangers of issuing clean bills of lading-Retla Rust Clauses)   09/15/2014
KPI-LP-169-2014 (Bulk liquid cargo shortage claim)    07/28/2014
KPI-LP-168-2014(Not Wearing Lifejacket nor A Lifeline; Ending Up Dead)    07/08/2014
KPI-LP-167-2014(Possibility of engine damage due to catalytic fines)    06/17/2014
KPI-LP-166-2014(Guidelines concerning Prohibition of the blending of bulk liquid cargoes and production processes during sea voyages   05/11/2014
KPI-LP-165-2014(An Incident Concerning Giving Way & Lessons Learn)   04/27/2014
KPI-LP-164-2014(Warning about West Africa - Ebola Virus (APRIL-2014))   04/22/2014
KPI-LP-163-2014(Use of Mobile Phones & Risks involved)    04/10/2014
KPI-LP-162-2014(Ten Aspects to Remember about the use of ECDIS)    04/10/2014
KPI-LP-161-2014(A Dozen Notes on Implementing Safety Culture)    04/06/2014
KPI-LP-160-2014(Familiarization with the ECDIS & the Required Workmanship)   03/27/2014
KPI-LP-159-2014(Risky Crossing of Traffic Separation Scheme & Lessons to be Learn)   03/27/2014
KPI-LP-158-2014(Old Lessons & Engine Room Fires)   03/23/2014
KPI-LP-157-2014(Back-Ache; A Major Ship-Board Problem)   03/18/2014
KPI-LP-156-2014(Reliance on ECDIS leading to an Accident & Lessons to Learn)   03/18/2014
KPI-LP-155-2014(Understanding Implications concerning Safe Ports & Berths)   03/13/2014
KPI-LP-154-2014(Top tips by EXXONMOBIL for Marine Fuel Purchasing)    02/20/2014
KPI-LP-153-2014(Ten Points on Importance of Positions in Navigation)    02/20/2014
KPI-LP-152-2014(Ineffective BRM & Lack of Communication Led to Collision)    02/20/2014
KPI-LP-151-2014(Malaria is still an Infectious Disease Amongst Seafarers)     02/03/2014
KPI-LP-150-2014(Incinerator Door Caused Injury)     02/03/2014
KPI-LP-149-2014(Safety Alert concerning Dangers existent during Sampling of Cargo tanks)   01/21/2014
KPI-LP-148-2014(Prohibition of Blending and Production Processes During Sea Voyages)   01/20/2014


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Kish P&I Club has been formed by group of Iranian Owners at Southern Island of Kish which is situated in Persian Gulf. The Club directors who are from different fields of Marine industry have pooled their financial eligibility into a club which could indemnify their liabilities either within ...

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