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Information Update

IU-11-2021- Environment Pollution Fines in Turkey 03/15/2021
IU-10-2021- Arbitration & Court Proceedings in Maritime Disputes 01/11/2021
IU-09-2020- EU Ship Recycling Regulations & Hong Kong Convention) 12/30/2020
IU-08-2020- Report of 102nd Session of MSC) 12/30/2020
IU-07-2020- 28 Piracy incidents against ships in Singapore Strait in 2020 so far 12/15/2020
IU-06-2020- Environmental  Liabilities & Other EU Compensation 11/01/2020
IU-05-2020- IG Updated FAQs concerning MLC Financial Requirements 11/01/2020
IU-04-2020- Restrictions before Discharge of Wash-water from Exhaust Gas Scrubbing 10/19/2020
IU-03-2020- Regulations Summary for 2020 10/19/2020
IU-02-2020- Electronic Record Books & MARPOL Amendments KISHPNI 09/20/2020
IU-01-2020- Information Updates KISHPNI 09/20/2020
KPI Information Update IU-102-2017 Guidance on the requirements of the STCW 1978 as amended 07/17/2017
KPI Information Update IU-101-2017 (March 2018 amendments to MARPOL 1973) 07/10/2017

KPI Information Update IU-100-2017 (Ballast Water Treatment System)

KPI Information Update IU-99-2017 (Ship's Fuel Oil consumption data collection system) 05/02/2017
KPI Information Update IU-98-2016 (2010 Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention 1978) 12/08/2016
KPI Information Update IU-97-2016 (York-Antwerp Rules (YAR) 2016) 11/23/2016
KPI Information Update IU-96-2016 (Ballast water management convention 2004) 09/13/2016
KPI Information Update IU-95-2016 Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) 2006 08/09/2016
KPI Information Update IU-94-2016 Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on cargo securing arrangements 08/03/2016

KPI Information Update IU-93-2016 (Recording requirement for operational compliance with NOx Tier III Emission Control Areas (ECAs)


KPI Information Update IU-92-2016 (Cargo Shortage Claim)

KPI Information Update IU-91-2016 (Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Of The Pack 06/06/2016
KPI Information Update IU-90-2016 (Means of embarkation on and or disemb) 05/30/2016
KPI Information Update IU-89-2016 (Cargo Hold Wash Water) 05/24/2016
KPI Information Update IU-88-2015 (PRC ship polllution response organizations (SPROs)) 12/31/2015
KPI Information Update IU-87-2015 (New boundary of High Risk Area) 10/15/2015
KPI Information Update IU-86-2015 (Tanks for oil residues (sludge)) 08/20/2015
KPI Information Update IU-85-2015 (The new SUEZ Canal) 08/19/2015
KPI Information Update IU-84-2015 (CIC on Enclosed Space Entry) 07/13/2015
KPI Information Update IU-83-2015(Security certificate of proficiency coming into force as of 1st July 2015) 06/23/2015
KPI Information Update IU-82-2015 (Limitation of liability for maritime claims) 06/10/2015
KPI Information Update IU-81-2015(Amendments to maritime labor convention 2006) 05/11/2015
KPI Information Update IU-80-2015(New Infectious or Contagious Diseases Clause by BIMCO for Voyage and Time Charter Parties) 03/30/2015
KPI Information Update IU-79-2015(Updated & Revised Guidelines for Rescue at Sea) 02/24/2015
KPI Information Update IU-78-2015(Revised Guidelines for Preparation of The Cargo Securing Manual & the need for The Cargo Saf 01/28/2015
KPI Information Update IU-77-2015(Amendments to Traffic Separation Schemes & Mandatory Reporting) 01/16/2015
KPI Information Update IU-76-2014(List of Special Areas under MARPOL and particularly Sensitive Sea Areas) 11/24/2014
KPI Information Update IU-75-2014(An Update About the Nairobi Convention Entry Into Force) 11/18/2014
KPI Information Update IU-74-2014(Singapore Maritime Port Authority Circular 11-2014) 10/26/2014
KPI Information Update IU-73-2014 (IMO Circular Letter No.3484 regarding Ebola) 09/07/2014
KPI Information Update IU-72-2014(MoUs Concentrated Inspection Campaign on STCW Hours of Rest) 07/17/2014
KPI Information Update IU-71-2014(Revised Guidance on the transfer of personnel by IMCA) 06/30/2014
KPI Information Update IU-70-2014(Sum up of SOLAS Convention amendments coming into force from 1st July 2014) 06/29/2014
KPI Information Update IU-69-2014 (Extracts of ICS Annual Review Pamphlet) 06/22/2014
KPI Information Update IU-68-2014 (Summary of IG Annual Review 2013-14) 06/03/2014
KPI Information Update IU-67-2014 (2002 Passenger ship treaty entered into force) 04/27/2014
KPI Information Update IU-66-2014 (An Update on Turkish Environmental Pollution Fines) 04/27/2014
KPI Information Update IU-63-2014(The outcome of the IMO Sub-Committee on Human Element,Training and Watch-keeping) 03/29/2014
KPI Information Update IU-62-2014(Turkish Customs Fines concerning Cargo Discrepancies) 02/26/2014
KPI Information Update IU-61-2014(2012 Amendments to the IBC Code entering into force) 02/26/2014
KPI Information Update IU-60-2014(UK Hydrographic Office has published Guide to ECDIS) 02/25/2014


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