About  Kish P & I

Kish P&I Club was founded by a group of Iranian owners on Kish Island which is located off the Persian Gulf. The Club Directors, who are from different fields of marine industry, have pooled their financial eligibility into a club to indemnify their liabilities within international and different ports' jurisdictions or territorial waters. The Club entry includes foreign going tankers and cargo ships of various sizes with excellent loss records.

The Iranian shipping companies, which are participating in the formation of the Club, are among well- known carriers of wet and dry cargoes.

The Club managers concentrate mainly on the Loss Prevention issues. The main goal of the Club management is to reduce the possibility of recurrence of the incidents, which have resulted in raising loss claims within the insured fleet.

The Club is capable of covering the shipowners’ liabilities up to USD 500,000 and has reinsured their liabilities above USD 500,000 up to USD 1,000,000,000 within Iranian Insurance Market which is headed by the Central Insurance of Iran.


Standard Limits

We offer cover layers according to the following schedule:

1.    First layer – the Club retention layer pays USD 500,000 for each accident or occurrence; and


2.    Second layer - reinsured by consortium of Iranian Insurers headed by Central Insurance of Iran and pays up to USD 1,000,000,000 for each accident or occurrence.

Central Insurance of Iran

Central Insurance of Iran was established in 1971 by the Act of Parliament of Iran for the purpose of regulating, expanding and guiding insurance industry in Iran. One of the main activities of the Central Insurance of Iran is to affect reinsurance for their customers as needed. The Central Insurance of Iran also leads and supervises insurance companies’ activities in order to assure a reliable insurance market in Iran.

Kish P&I Club was established by the support of Iranian reinsurance market and Central Insurance of Iran and operates well within a safe and secure insurance market environment within the field of marine insurance. For more information regarding Central Insurance of Iran, please visit: www.centinsur.ir .